Thursday, June 2, 2011

The next generation of iPhone

Recent rumours have revealed that the new iPhone will come fully equipped with the next generation of mobile operating software, iOS 5.

The all-new operating system iOS 5 will apparently be very similar to that of the dashboard widgets found on the Apple desktop computers. The main benefit of this feature is that users of the iPhone 5 will be able to view information on the phone’s handset without even unlocking the device, such as the current and foreseeable weather or various calendar entries.

Other improvements to the handsets technology includes better voice control through utilising an improved service. This could mean that voice control could be activated remotely simply by processing audio.

Notifications have also been revamped, which in turn boasts better displays of incoming notifications, complete with a log that is said to better the system dramatically.

Some things will however remain the same and Google Maps is said to remain intact and is staying as the iPhone’s main default mapping solution. The front facing camera will also be housed in the iPhone 5, this is great news for those that enjoy making conference calls or alternatively calls to friends on applications such as Skype.

One of the major improvements is said to be the A5 processor, which is in fact the same processor offered by the iPad 2.

The look of the new iPhone as ever is standard of all Apple products and will have been beautifully designed. Once again the iPhone 5 will be available in either white or black. The black is more than likely the first colour to be released and as with the iPhone 4, a waiting list is to be expected!

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