Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Facebook for iPhone

In the last half a decade, the social networking site Facebook has moved from a small site for friends at university in America, to a global sensation with over 300 million users. The unstoppable rise of Facebook has been documented in an Oscar winning film, the Social Network, and the website seems to have permeated every aspect of our lives.

In the last few years mobile phones have become a large part of the Facebook revolution, with smartphones everywhere needing to have social networking applications if they want to attract young consumer. Apple were one of the first companies to get in on the act, putting a Facebook app on their iPhone. This proved a very popular decision and Facebook have been regularly updating their iPhone application so that iPhone 4 users get their best ideas as fast as possible.

Now, there is a new version of the massively popular app out for your iPhone as Facebook 3.4 has been released for you to download onto your handsets.There are several new features on the latest Facebook app for iPhone 4, the first being a preview map of Facebook Places. This allows you to click on any listed place on your phone and Facebook will show you any details on that place, including deals if it happens to be a shop or restaurant. Facebook Places also allows you to comment on places and let other friends know where you are.

Another new feature allows you to check in at events which you have already said you will attend. This is a good time saving feature that is a big help for huge events where a lot of guests are expected to attend. The most useful new feature though is probably the fact you can now edit your friend lists from your phone, this means if someone is annoying you need not wait until you get home to delete them.

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